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The gang!

Meetup — January 24, 2013

The Pre-Global Game Jam meetup!! Newcomer Raz drew pictures of Stuff, and did some 3D modeling. Gal and Tim continued their robot adventure through time and space. Yuval embellished his game with extreme flashing hearts. Daniel learned how to use Unity! Eli finally found a way to teach the player the basic mechanics of his game, but it's still complex.… Read more →

Meetup — January 10, 2013

Yay! Another great meet. Yuval showed us a new game he made entirely in LabWindows/CVI. Ruby had an impressive level editor he whipped up in a weekend. Tim and Gal worked hard on some important graphics issues (palettes and jitter bugs). Eli coded a depot object with infinite builders (what does that mean). The potato was consumed! And some work… Read more →

Yuval tries to devastate the world...

Meetup — December 27, 2012

Another successful meetup! Two newcomers, Ruby and Daniel, showed some things they have been working on. Meanwhile, Yuval added an Ent boss to his game and a Tim-less Gal refined combat and did major code refactoring in their project. Eli got some feedback on his Ludum Dare board game and the roguelike. The Potato was eaten (sorry Tim)! Read more →

Intense playtesting!!

Meetup — December 13, 2012

An off-beat meetup! Yuval worked on his 40x-larger lizard. Idan, his first time at the Kfar- Saba Indies, spoke of board games. Eli got some feedback on his puzzle roguelike-like. Many links were shared!! Special guests were Niv and Sagi from Spiky Snail! We got a sneak peek at some prototypes, and hopefully helped out with playtesting. Read more →


Meetup — 29 November, 2012

After making a ruckus during the Games Unconference, this meetup was our largest yet! Gal, Tim, Yuval, Oded, Lior and Eli showed up (with Eli's sister, Ariel, making a hit-and-run bonus appearance with cookies! Thanks!!). We discussed level design and "conveyance", game mechanics, enemy spawn patterns, and the right colors for backgrounds. Gal and Tim worked on their tank robot… Read more →


Meetup — November 15, 2012

Hello again! Despite whispers of war and sirens in Tel Aviv, the Kfar Saba Indies diligently had their every-two-week meetup. Not too much work was done, but we had plenty to talk about…. Gal (and Tim, appearing via Skype) continued working on their tank robot project thing. A newcomer, Yuval, shared his experiences learning GameMaker and configuring physics. Eli battled… Read more →