Meetup — May 30, 2013 — Hello Lonebot!

Welcome the Lonebot group!

The Lonebot indie group are a 3 super cool guys, Yotam Frid, Mati Ernst and Itamar Ernst who make games in their free time and for LudumDare (Yay!). This was their first time in KSindies.

During the meetup they demonstrated all of their really awesome games to us: Erfos, Bottled Worlds, Lonebot, Joybringer, Retraction, Adapt, Ball Adventure, Albert The Viking, Roguelike and Cottonhead (Excuse me if I forgot one :P ). Gal found a collision glitch in their beautiful game, Cottonhead, which allowed him explore outside the walls of Cottonhead :D Luckly, Yotam found the same kind of collision glitch in Gal's and Tim's game.

The collision glitch

The collision glitch

This was one of our biggest meetups, Gal "2" Oron, our friend from the Global Game Jam,  arrived from north and showed us his in-dev mobile game(which was great!). Daniel Refael worked on his first game in Unity. Eli and Yuval was there too.

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