A Home for Local Creativity

This post written by Eli — opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the group!

With the opening of the newly-renovated Cafe-Cafe, last Thursday — the 2nd of May, 2013 — saw the return of the Kfar-Saba Indies to the "home" town … of Kfar Saba. Yes, this minor event, not even worth mentioning; and yet when the Fried Potato came to the table, I knew we had finally returned.

There's an important thought I'd like to share, one of inclusiveness. We may be games-focused, but I believe it's important we embrace other kinds of creativity as well. Let's not limit what we can — or should — do.

This mindset of expansion appeals to me, as I see it happening organically in the group. I've noticed a movement towards learning and teaching, and I hope we can continue in that direction. For example, Raz has been generously sharing his Blender 3D know-how with other members, as Gal tirelessly pushes for programming capability among the group. And more, as everyone has something to share.

This process feels right. I hope it continues to grow both in intensity and diversity.

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