Meetup — 29 November, 2012

After making a ruckus during the Games Unconference, this meetup was our largest yet! Gal, Tim, Yuval, Oded, Lior and Eli showed up (with Eli's sister, Ariel, making a hit-and-run bonus appearance with cookies! Thanks!!).

We discussed level design and "conveyance", game mechanics, enemy spawn patterns, and the right colors for backgrounds. Gal and Tim worked on their tank robot game while Yuval showed off his impressive recent work in GameMaker towards an action-adventure RPG. Oded got feedback for some new game ideas, and Lior asked hard questions about the indie scene and making a living. Eli improved some graphics and had his mind blown with the concept of parity in grid-based games and bipartite graphs.

A fun time was had by everyone — I hope you all come back again in two weeks!

Don't forget Ludum Dare, the GameIS Conference, and Global Game Jam, all coming up very soon.

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