Meetup — May 30, 2013 — Hello Lonebot!

Welcome the Lonebot group!

The Lonebot indie group are a 3 super cool guys, Yotam Frid, Mati Ernst and Itamar Ernst who make games in their free time and for LudumDare (Yay!). This was their first time in KSindies.

During the meetup they demonstrated all of their really awesome games to us: Erfos, Bottled Worlds, Lonebot, Joybringer, Retraction, Adapt, Ball Adventure, Albert The Viking, Roguelike and Cottonhead (Excuse me if I forgot one :P ). Gal found a collision glitch in their beautiful game, Cottonhead, which allowed him explore outside the walls of Cottonhead :D Luckly, Yotam found the same kind of collision glitch in Gal’s and Tim’s game.

The collision glitch

The collision glitch

This was one of our biggest meetups, Gal “2” Oron, our friend from the Global Game Jam,  arrived from north and showed us his in-dev mobile game(which was great!). Daniel Refael worked on his first game in Unity. Eli and Yuval was there too.

A Home for Local Creativity

This post written by Eli — opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the group!

With the opening of the newly-renovated Cafe-Cafe, last Thursday — the 2nd of May, 2013 — saw the return of the Kfar-Saba Indies to the “home” town … of Kfar Saba. Yes, this minor event, not even worth mentioning; and yet when the Fried Potato came to the table, I knew we had finally returned.

There’s an important thought I’d like to share, one of inclusiveness. We may be games-focused, but I believe it’s important we embrace other kinds of creativity as well. Let’s not limit what we can — or should — do.

This mindset of expansion appeals to me, as I see it happening organically in the group. I’ve noticed a movement towards learning and teaching, and I hope we can continue in that direction. For example, Raz has been generously sharing his Blender 3D know-how with other members, as Gal tirelessly pushes for programming capability among the group. And more, as everyone has something to share.

This process feels right. I hope it continues to grow both in intensity and diversity.

Meetup — February 07, 2013

The first meetup in Ra’anana!

We met in Ra’anana near ‘Yad Labanim’ and welcomed the newcomer Asaph. Because of some “extraordinary personal reasons” Eli didn’t arrive(Mazal-Tov!), so we were Raz, Gal, Ruby, Yuval and Asaph. We walked around Ra’anana together searching for a good café for hosting us. We settled in Ilan’s despite the lack of power supply. We met the really nice waiters and watched some youtube videos. No gamedev was done this meetup :)

KS Indies at the Global Game Jam 2013

Some of the Kfar-Saba Indies made an appearance at the recent Global Game Jam, at the Google Campus, Tel Aviv. Gal, Tim, Daniel, and Eli showed up and participated in a weekend of game jamming, on two separate teams.

Gal, Tim, and Eli joined forces with Assaf Halevi, and made a game called A Garden Planet. Daniel joined a large group developing a game in Unity, and helped make Heartbeat.

Congratulations for participating! Hopefully next year we’ll be even more.

Meetup — January 24, 2013

The Pre-Global Game Jam meetup!!

Newcomer Raz drew pictures of Stuff, and did some 3D modeling. Gal and Tim continued their robot adventure through time and space. Yuval embellished his game with extreme flashing hearts. Daniel learned how to use Unity! Eli finally found a way to teach the player the basic mechanics of his game, but it’s still complex.

We spoke excitedly of the Global Game Jam. And the KS Indies made a substantial appearance at the GGJ! We’ll cover that in the next post….

Meetup — January 10, 2013

Yay! Another great meet.

Yuval showed us a new game he made entirely in LabWindows/CVI. Ruby had an impressive level editor he whipped up in a weekend. Tim and Gal worked hard on some important graphics issues (palettes and jitter bugs). Eli coded a depot object with infinite builders (what does that mean).

The potato was consumed! And some work was shown to the interested waitress.

See you next time!!

Meetup — December 27, 2012

Another successful meetup!

Two newcomers, Ruby and Daniel, showed some things they have been working on. Meanwhile, Yuval added an Ent boss to his game and a Tim-less Gal refined combat and did major code refactoring in their project. Eli got some feedback on his Ludum Dare board game and the roguelike.

The Potato was eaten (sorry Tim)!

Meetup — December 13, 2012

An off-beat meetup! Yuval worked on his 40x-larger lizard. Idan, his first time at the Kfar- Saba Indies, spoke of board games. Eli got some feedback on his puzzle roguelike-like. Many links were shared!!

Special guests were Niv and Sagi from Spiky Snail! We got a sneak peek at some prototypes, and hopefully helped out with playtesting.

Meetup — 29 November, 2012

After making a ruckus during the Games Unconference, this meetup was our largest yet! Gal, Tim, Yuval, Oded, Lior and Eli showed up (with Eli’s sister, Ariel, making a hit-and-run bonus appearance with cookies! Thanks!!).

We discussed level design and “conveyance“, game mechanics, enemy spawn patterns, and the right colors for backgrounds. Gal and Tim worked on their tank robot game while Yuval showed off his impressive recent work in GameMaker towards an action-adventure RPG. Oded got feedback for some new game ideas, and Lior asked hard questions about the indie scene and making a living. Eli improved some graphics and had his mind blown with the concept of parity in grid-based games and bipartite graphs.

A fun time was had by everyone — I hope you all come back again in two weeks!

Don’t forget Ludum Dare, the GameIS Conference, and Global Game Jam, all coming up very soon.